Epic (adj) 

Particularly impressive or remarkable

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Achieve the same long, thick, beautiful hair as celebrities in a fraction of the time!  Hairdreams Nano technology is virtually undetectable and gentle on natural hair.  100% human hair that is strong enough to withstand any styling, and is swimming, sports, & sauna safe.  Your Hairdreams specialist can instantly create head-turning trendy color effects, lengthen your bangs, create asymmetric hair styles and more! The Laserbeamer System allows for automatic application of multiple human hair strands in one simple step. In this method, hair can be lengthened quickly and efficiently and a multitude of hair dreams can be achieved.  Epic Design Studios can make your hair dream a reality!

What's YOUR Hair Dream? 

Hair Thickening with Hairdreams real hair strands is a fabulous method for adding long-lasting natural volume to hair that is naturally thin or that has been made weak and fragile by excessive use of color, perms, styling products.

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